In this age of technology book literature has lost its usefulness

Admittedly, this is the age of technology and adoption of innovation may be necessary to keep pace with the times. But to be honest, replacing PDF with a book has never been to our liking.

It is true that PDF has made reading free for readers. But where in the world do I spend my life buying a book? Incomprehensible

Guys, is reading a book just a mechanical act or a mental exercise? It is a beautiful emotional connection that introduces the reader to a new feeling.

He holds her hand with love and takes her to a new world. Sometimes sitting on a chair, sometimes leaning against a pillow on the sofa.

Sometimes lying on the bed, sneaking into the city of thoughts while reading a book, giving the characters of the book a picture of yourself in your mind.

How charming is all this? Mark selected sentences with a pencil, make short notes, fall asleep while reading, feel the touch of the pages with your fingers and feel the sweet scent of old paper.

How can all this be obtained from a ‘PDF’? The message of the book may be received through PDF, but it cannot be absorbed at all.

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