Open your eyes, look at the earth, look at the sky, look at the atmosphere

Is it rewarding to remain silent on so much oppression and destruction Is it a sin to have access to modern science to make Islam and Islam powerful  The tragedy is that none of our universities or madrassas meet this standard.
No one wants to understand the true spirit of the Qur’an by memorizing the Qur’an. Similarly, there is only theoretical based learning in the universities. There is neither capital nor interest in telling and teaching practically anything.

The 57 Islamic countries of the world spend only 2% of their GDP on education. As a result, not a single university in the Islamic world is named among the top 100 universities in the world. We need to change our thinking Islam has never made it a sin to acquire knowledge Had this been the case, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) would not have released the disbelievers on the condition that they would teach the children of the disbelieving Muslim prisoners to read and write.

The sick ideas of the Muslims who use the verses of the Qur’aan according to their intellect. They are against Islam, they are the cause of our downfall Had it been a grave sin to acquire contemplation and worldly knowledge, the Arabs would not have been number one among the two nations that developed in the world. In the time of Caliph Harun al-Rashid, all the sciences of the world were translated into Arabic.

As a result, Jabir ibn Hayyan (Gaber), Ibn Rushd (Aviro), Ibn Sina (Ivona), and Ibn al-Haytham (al-Hayzan) would not have been born. Gabor Oviro Ivona and Alhisen were given these names by Europe so that they could take credit for their inventions on their heads.

There are many names including Omar Khayyam Hassan Al-Zah Al-Biruni Muhammad bin Zakaria Ibn Al-Nafis Abul Qasim. His inventions are considered as his inventions by Europe. Until the seventeenth century, his books have been taught in European universities. You will be amazed to know that a Muslim thinker who proposed the theory of evolution a thousand years before Darwin.

Remember that this ideology is one of the most powerful ideologies in the history of thought. Allama Iqbal also mentioned this thinker Jahez in his collection of sermons Reconstruction of Religions That in Islam.
When the 800-year rule of Islam in Andalusia came to an end, these precious books of the Christian Muslims also took with them the intellectual heritage of the Muslims.

This is the legacy on which Europe has developed, and we Muslims are neither ashamed nor ashamed of our lost heritage, but embrace humiliation and disgrace in every corner of the globe, considering it a sin to learn these sciences and arts. They are burning to ashes in the fire of hatred. He was respected in those days as a Muslim And you have been humiliated by abandoning the Qur’an.

Today, Europe has developed so much that it can wipe out the whole world in a matter of seconds with its nuclear weapons But the one who was to stop this oppression of God on this earth is the one who is afraid today.
Today, with his discovery and exploration the same porphyry is going to great lengths to gain access to the inter-dimensional world … and we don’t even know what it is It is using radioactive elements to wipe out Muslims from the face of the earth and to eradicate the generation of Muslims.

By imposing nuclear war on the earth, it is inhabiting new settlements in space. He did all the planning to paralyze our minds. He is still afraid of the sleeping nation. The discovery of a God particle and the establishment of a laboratory like CERN to use it is a nefarious and disgusting conspiracy and we do not even know whether it is a God particle or CERN.

What about making anti-nuclear weapons? A Europe that dreams of making the whole world a heap of ashes and all its nefarious intentions and our carefree lives .

What effects will the unknown have on the future we don’t think because gaining access to scientific knowledge is a grave sinhumiliation and disgrace and killing from everywhere is a great reward  If 57 Muslim countries unite and start spending a large portion of their GDP on defense and scientific technology the time is not far away when we will emerge from decline and rise. This is the time required … India will make many silicone and degicone valleys compared to one silicon valley Because strong nations do not weep over their failures but make strong decisions.

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